The Next Generation Supply Chain Visibility Platform

Collaborative & Focused on Life Science

Former Head Of Enterprise Blockchain and B2B Platforms at Capgemini, with recognized leadership on Supply Chain,

Life Science and Sustainability

Graduated from École Polytechnique 

Distinguished IT Engineer, former S&P Rating Head of Blockchain and Architecture.


Recognized expert in Advanced Data Analytics and Privacy/Cybersecurity and Enterprise architecture

KatalX Combines Advanced Visibility & Collaboration powered by Trusted Analytics

Unique supply chain platform, designed to be highly scalable.


Chain of Custody / Responsibility

Chain of Identity / Data Privacy

SOP /  Regulatory requirements

Notifications / Acknowledgments

INCOTERMs / Insurance

Chain of Condition (Temp, Humidity, shock)

Tamper-Proof Audit Trail


Active / Passive device

Thresholds & Alerts


Trusted Data Sharing

“Need to Know Basis”

Document digitization

Secure Chatroom

Reporting & Archiving

Real-time actionable intelligence

Exception management


Workflow improvement

War Room

Advanced Analytics

Smart Control Tower

Data Visualization

Queries & Filters

KPI / Risk monitoring

Carbon tracking

Risk assessment

Workflow optimization

Resilience & Agility

Circular Economy

Insurance optimization

Our Mission

Catalyzing Trust in Supply Chains

Ensure quality control procedures and cold-chain traceability end-to-end
Comply with increasingly complex global Regulations
Prevent risk re-occurrence by implementing CAPA*

* CAPA = Corrective And Preventive Action

Sense & Simplicity

PLAN for optimal and sustainable shipment

Plan, simulate, and choose optimal shipment workflow

Review projections for CO2 emissions

Include a plan for returning reusable assets: pallets, boxes, IoT devices

TRACK your shipments in one place

racking all shipments in real-time, with sorting and smart filtering

Real-time view of shipment status and to-do-list

Guiding users in navigating through complex quality assurance processes

TRACE your shipment from A to Z

Audit Trail featuring blockchain property of immutable and trusted audit logs per shipment

Tracing shipment visibility step by step

Analyzing records of KPIs excursions (temperature, shock, light, humidity) to inform Root Cause Analysis

COLLABORATE by sharing data on a “Need to Know” basis

Securing and ensuring confidential sharing of documents between users

Flexibility to share documents One-to-One, One-to Many or Many to Many, in full privacy

Policy based, flexible, dynamic, and fine-grained access control customized for each individual user

CONTROL in real-time through Smart Control towers

Real-time view of shipment details

Real-time view of the shipment location

Real-time view of shipment condition

Real-time view of the business process steps

IMPROVE continuously your supply chain performance

Apply filters and queries, to gain actionable intelligence from past shipment performance

Use data insights and advanced analytics to improve workflow design and simulate outcomes

Continuously improve across all key KPIs

KatalX Solution

Benefits to All Stakeholders

Shippers, 3PLs, Carriers, Customs & Agencies, Points of Care and Patients

Demonstrate Servant Leadership on Sustainability

Target total product integrity
(waste, safety, counterfeit)

Embrace the circular economy
(reverse logistics, recycling)

Achieve net zero carbon emission
(scope 3 supply chain)

Master collaboration 

(within your business network)

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